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Checkout Process

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1. Add the product to the shopping cart
2. After confirming the purchase, press 【Checkout】
3. Fill in the receipt information
4. Select the shipping method [Taiwan Main Island], [Taiwan Outer Islands]
5. Checkout Payment

How long does it take to receive the item after placing an order?

If there is stock in Taiwan, place an order before 12 noon, and the delivery will be delivered on the same day. If there is no stock in Taiwan and no shortage in Thailand, the factory will deliver the goods within 4-5 days→Thailand Warehouse->Customs Clearance Operation->Taiwan Logistics Operation->Distribution, about 15 working days (excluding 6th and national holidays) Actual The situation may vary depending on the manufacturer's inventory, natural disasters, policies, and international flight conditions.

What is real-name authentication?

[If you choose overseas purchasing or overseas direct shipping to a designated address in Taiwan, you need to log in for real-name authentication first]

Since May 2020, Taiwan has required overseas imported packages to complete real-name authentication, and to pay import tax and business tax to the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of China when receiving the goods. (The amount of tax is determined by the customs)

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